Schickel Design Group is dedicated to the art of architecture.

A primary goal is to discover in the problem to be solved and the project to be designed:

"...a luminous idea of simplicity, and an equally luminous idea
of a resultant organic complexity." Louis Sullivan

And in this creative work to design and to build projects which embody transcendant qualities:

"...the peace of perfect equilibrium, the repose of absolute unity,
the serenity of a complete identification." Louis Sullivan

Embracing this design philosophy, we work to achieve the functional, environmental and aesthetic goals of our clients, by creating crystal clear design concepts, detailed design development and carefully articulated construction drawings.

Based in Philadelphia, the innovative firm of Schickel Design Group is focused on creating beautiful and green projects in the service of a diverse array of clients

Schickel Design Group, Inc.

luminous simplicity
perfect equilibrium